Sensitive teeth solutions

Tooth sensitivity or otherwise known as dentin hypersensitivity refers to when one experiences pain or discomfort in their teeth due to being exposed to hot or cold temperatures.

Many people are victims of tooth sensitivity, especially with hot or cold stimulus; however, it could also be a cavity sign.

Tooth sensitivity could be something that people face for a short time period, or it could be a permanent pain. Individual teeth or groups of teeth may be susceptible to sensitivity when they contact something cold or hot.

Factors that may cause sensitivity in teeth:
•Food or beverages that are hot or cold,
•Teeth exposed to fresh air,
•Food beverages that are either sweet or acidic,
•Brushing or flossing teeth,
•Alcohol-based mouthwash

Some people may naturally have more sensitive teeth than others, which has to do with their enamel. Usually, a person’s teeth are more sensitive when their tooth enamel is thin.

If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, it is recommended you visit a dentist to determine the causes of the pain and to also suggest various treatment options.

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