There are a variety of benefits that are present upon having dentistry done at a branded group of dental practices such as Family Dental Care in Durban.

Many potential patients always ask us what makes Family Dental Care different and why so many people choose to come to our practices in Durban and Cape Town.

Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Economies of scale:

Group buying enables us to provide premium dentistry with the very best equipment and highest quality materials at competitive rates.

  1. Professionally trained staff:

A brand training manual is used throughout all our Durban practices to ensure high levels of consistent, friendly, and professional service.

  1. Consistency of a brand:

Regardless of location in Durban or Cape Town, all branches share the same network, so the dentist of any branch will access your treatment history and will be able to treat you quickly.

  1. Pooling of knowledge:

Regular group meetings are held to share complicated cases and valuable information across the various branches in Durban and Cape Town. Our patients benefit from knowing that they have a diverse group of dentists dedicated to their treatment plan.

  1. Specialists:

We have dedicated specialists that advise and treat specialist cases.

  1. Competitive rates:

Most medical aids are accepted (including Key Care), and reasonable cash rates are offered at our Durban dental practices.

  1. Customer service:

Our loyal patients can attest to us treating our patients like they are part of our family. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure that patients of all ages feel safe and secure when they visit us.

Make us your trusted dentist today and we will not disappoint you!