Teeth in a Day in Queensburgh

teeth in a day in queensburghThe Family Dental Care Group’s branch in Queensburgh offers patients the technologically advanced, teeth in a day facility. This is in the form of cosmetic dental treatments of crowns with the CEREC system, which restore broken down teeth back to their former glory. Teeth in a day in Queensburgh can be done Monday to Saturday after scheduling an appointment.






What are Crowns and Bridges?

Crowns are a porcelain type material that have been shaped like a tooth. Its purpose in dentistry is to restore broken teeth, cover a tooth which does not have much structure left, hold a bridge in place, encase a dental implant or to change the appearance of a tooth. Historically, the process of getting a crown took several visits to the dentist and consisted of the following steps

  • At the first appointment, the dentist would x-ray the tooth to check for any injury or infection to the tooth pulp. If found, this would be cleared out and fixed first before moving forward withteeth in a day in queensburgh the crown. The dentist would then prepare the tooth for the crown by removing any decay or filing it down to provide space for the crown. Taking an impression was the next step and is done with a special dental paste. Afterwards the dentist would cover the tooth with a temporary crown and cement. The procedure would take about an hour on average.
  • At the second appointment, the patient would have the crown attached to the tooth. It usually took around 2 weeks between visits. This time was needed for a dental laboratory to fabricate the crown. After a numbing medicine was injected to the patient’s mouth, the temporary crown was removed and the new crown permanently cemented onto the tooth.


New Age Crowns and Bridges

Newer technology now means that patients can have access to fully restored teeth in a day in Queensburgh. This comes in the form of the CEREC dentistry system which is as follows

  • During a consultation, the dentist will assess whether fillings or a crown is needed for repairing a tooth. If a crown is deemed necessary, then preparation will begin which involves removing decay and other infected tissue.
  • The second step will be taking an impression of the tooth which is done digitally. It is sent directly to the CEREC system for analysis.
  • The CEREC machine will give the dentist a 3D visual aid which the dentist will use to design the crown. With the CEREC software, the design is much more precise than the traditional method and is done in a matter of minutes.
  • The CEREC milling machine then uses the design provided by the software to create the dental crown. The crown is made from ceramic which is chosen to match the colour of the patients tooth. The crown is fabricated in around 20 minutes by the CEREC machine.
  • The final step is when the crown is permanently attached to the tooth.

teeth in a day in queensburgh

Teeth in a day in Queensburgh takes away the need for wearing temporary crowns. The CEREC system for teeth in a day in Queensburgh allows patients to leave the dentist with new teeth in just one consultation.