Teeth Whitening in Durban North

Teeth Whitening in Durban NorthHow to get your pearly whites as bright as possible?

There’s no doubt about it – a bright, white, winning smile goes a long way, whether in the workplace or socialising on weekends. Small wonder then that as more and more people are attesting to, teeth whitening is an investment in yourself you should seriously consider sinking your teeth into.


Why a winning smile is important?

A gorgeous grin is important for so many reasons other than the fact it looks so great and is the easiest way to attract people to you in all situations in life.

As the best dentist for teeth whitening in Durban North, we have witnessed first-hand the new-found confidence and verve that an enhanced smile brings.

Rest assured that we’re expertly equipped to be your experienced, affordable provider of teeth whitening in Durban North. Interestingly, the positive follow-up encounters we have with patients post initial procedure are not the stuff of ego-enhancing imaginings of our expert dental teams. The incredible impact of the new smiles our patients have transforms their lives on so many levels. That’s hardly surprising, given that science backs up that the power of your breakout smile is brilliant for you on many levels:

  1. Remember me? Yes, if you flashed that fantastic smile that is uniquely yours. Not only does science prove that when it comes to making a super impression, the eyes and mouth have it, while general good body language isn’t far behind either. Tinder dates aside, you do want to stand out when you enter the interview room, make that career-boosting presentation or want to seal an all-important business deal with sincerity.
  2. Laughter is the best medicine. Dopamine, the feel-good hormone, is released when you take time to laugh or giggle – think of it as nature’s own in-built stress buster. And how are you going to enjoy a good gaggle when you’re too afraid to show your teeth? If you thought smiling was all about fake cheer because you don’t really think you have anything to be happy about, you’re scientifically wrong. Smiling is the easiest, smartest thing you can do to start relieving stress and worry.
  3. Grin and get through it! As with all clichés, there’s a reason this one exists, too. The same hormone making you giddily feel better when you grin instead of grimace, also acts as a pain blocker. Your headache is bound to feel that much less life-threateningly horrid if you simply plaster on that smile and keep on carrying on. Don’t discard the science until you’ve actually tried it.
  4. Get defensive – with your immune system, that is. Science has proven that when you laugh, it boosts the illness-fighting warriors in your blood significantly. It may be time to cut back on the garlic, citrus fruit and multi-vitamins, and time to cheer up and laugh! Loudly, if you can.
  5. I can see clearly now the brainfog has gone. Dopamine, it has been proven, also assists with creative and lateral thinking, unpacking information and acquiring new knowledge. Rather than fretting at your next deadline, think of something that makes you smile – you’ll not only feel relaxed, you’ll reap the rewards of being able to complete your task with more focus and faster, too.

Teeth Whitening in Durban NorthTeeth whitening procedure

Small wonder then that teeth whitening is one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures in dentistry worldwide. We specialise in teeth whitening in Durban North and pride ourselves on delivering a cutting-edge service that’s both professional and affordable.

When you come in to see us for teeth whitening in Durban North, here’s what you need to know. Teeth whitening does not take away any of your tooth’s natural covering, and enhances that natural existing cover that you do have by getting it to be a few shades lighter. It does not result in a complete colour transformation, but is highly effective to say the least.

This non-painful procedure involves the following steps which are not all carried out in one day:

  • First, we’ll assess you for teeth whitening in Durban North, to make sure you’re a good candidate. This is almost always the case, but an exam is necessary for safety’s sake. As the treatment essentially involves bleaching, we wouldn’t want to proceed if your teeth are too brittle. This is a standard precaution.

If we’re ready to proceed with the treatment, we’ll take impressions of your teeth to make a mould. This will be used to make a mould, which will be used later.Teeth Whitening in Durban North

  • This is why prior to coming in to us for your teeth whitening in Durban North, you should consider coming in for a routine clean. This way, we’re able to eliminate any excess plaque, ensuring the procedure is as effective as it possibly can be.
  • The next stage of us tackling your teeth whitening in Durban North involves applying gel or a protective rubber covering to your teeth.
  • With your teeth happily protected, we’re now ready to get down to the nitty gritty. This involves inserting a mouthguard into your mouth. The tray or mouthguard contains the whitening product, which then interacts with your teeth.
  • Finally, the active ingredient gets to work by allowing oxygen to interact with your tooth enamel, lightening the existing shade of your teeth. We will advise you of how often and for how long you should be using your mouthguard at home.


How long does teeth whitening in Durban North take?

This depends on various factors, our friendly dentists will advise more on then when you visit.


Zoom teeth whitening in Durban North

Speak to us should you want a faster procedure that will have your teeth lighter in just one or two hours in our offices. As we maintain our position as the best dentist for teeth whitening in Durban North, we are fully equipped to be able to deliver this fairly new procedure professionally and to deliver incredible results.


Things you can do to keep your teeth naturally white

Post procedure, and in general – even if you don’t opt for teeth whitening – you can stop your teeth from staining by not smoking, avoiding sugary foods and avoiding carbonated drinks.

As always, a great tooth brushing and flossing regimen is always an asset in your advances towards that dashing, alluring smile.