The Dangers of Failing to Address Gum Disease

Periodontal disease is a condition which should never be taken lightly, as it can lead to some severe health consequences if left unchecked. While the initial symptoms may not appear worrisome, the fact of the matter is that gum disease can lead to dire circumstances. Let us take a look at how this condition can progress over time to better appreciate why it is essential to consult with a dentist.

The Dangerous Consequences of Gum Disease

Initial symptoms such as bleeding gums when you brush, sensitivity, redness, and swollen gums can begin to manifest in other ways. Over time, your gums will start to recede. This exposes additional tooth enamel and in severe cases, the roots themselves. Thus, the chances of developing cavities and infections will dramatically increase.

If these situations are not dealt with, the teeth themselves can begin to loosen from their sockets. The ultimate consequences could even manifest as tooth loss.

It is clear to see why periodontal disease is nothing to ignore. That’s why it is critical to see a dentist every six months for exams and cleanings. The good news is that gum disease is easily treatable if caught in the early stages.

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