The Genetics of Teeth – something interesting to read!

The Genetics of Teeth – something interesting to read!

Best believe it – your teeth are the way they are as a result of your genetics.

There are cases that exist whereby people have great dental care practices, however still contract gum diseases and cavities. You also get those people who have extremely poor dental care practices but have no oral concerns or cavities.

The answers to this confusion are your unique, individual genes which have a direct impact on the:

  • condition of your teeth
  • composition of your teeth.

– Yes, you can blame it on the genes!

Genetics really do play a role in the health of your teeth and gums.

  • Shape,
  • development,
  • structure and
  • strength of your teeth

are all determined by the certain genes that you possess from previous generations. As a result, this is why individuals have different oral health conditions.

Some have genes with the ability to fight against certain periodontal diseases and others don’t and are more prone to the disease.

According to a Family Dental Care dentist in La Lucia, some people have more cavities than others – even with good dental care practices. This is due to their genes impacting the number of neutralizing factors in the saliva which serves to break down the acid responsible for cavities.

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