At Family Dental Care, many smiles are transformed and confidence restored as a result of multiple treatments and ultimately a full smile makeover!


A full dental/smile makeover refers to a series of cosmetic procedures that are conducted in order to achieve the aesthetic smile the patient has always desired in order to restore their confidence and self-esteem within themselves.

The various cosmetic procedures involved in a full smile makeover may include:

  • Teeth whitening to whiten discoloured teeth,
  • Porcelain veneers to correct imperfections,
  • Braces or Invisalign treatments to straighten teeth,
  • Crowns which may be used to cover teeth with undesirable flaws,
  • Implants to replace missing teeth, matching the natural teeth.

At Family Dental Care Durban, digital smile design technology is used in order to digitally determine the corrections that would need to be made to your smile to make it as perfect as our patients desire it. It further allows our dentists to provide their patient with an after photo of what their smile is expected to look like after treatment is completed.

At Family Dental Care, Durban, high-quality and uncompromising dentistry is at the core of our brand. If you would like a new smile, visit us today for a consultation to determine if you’re a candidate for a full smile makeover, treatment plan and quotation.