Veneers in Waterfall

veneers waterfallResidents of the forestry town of Waterfall, some 30 kilometres outside of Durban, can rely on Family Dental Care to take care of all of their dental needs from preventative to cosmetic. New age techniques such as veneers are now a possibility right at the Family Dental Care branch at Waterfall, allowing locals to not have to travel to the city to indulge in these types of treatments. A veneer, in particular, is a cosmetic procedure which uses a paper thin piece of porcelain to cover the front portion of a tooth. This piece of porcelain can be shaped and coloured a variety of ways and can therefore offer a better look to the tooth once they are attached. Getting veneers in Waterfall at Family Dental Care does require that a very tiny amount of tooth structure be removed so that it can then have a proper fit over the tooth. It is for this reason that veneers are not a reversible procedure and patients must be 100 percent sure that this is the avenue they wish to take. Veneers in Waterfall at Family Dental Care is considered a cosmetic procedure and is therefore not a benefit offered on medical aids.


Getting Veneers in Waterfall

Getting veneers in Waterfall at Family Dental Care is a 3 part process

  • The first visit will see patients converse with our dentist about whether or not veneers are the way forward. The course of action is discussed and if the patient is satisfied, then prep work canveneers waterfall begin immediately for fitting their veneers at the Waterfall Family Dental Care branch. The dentist will have to ensure that the underlying tooth is healthy and strong and this will require an x-ray to confirm. This is done in seconds. Once satisfied, our dentist will go ahead and use a local anaesthetic to numb the area. Numbing is necessary so that the patient does not feel any pain during the next step. It’s not a deeply intensive drill, but about half a millimetre off the front portion of the tooth will have to be removed which will cause a sensitive jolt that is quite uncomfortable. This part of the process is why patients need to be really sure this is the way forward, for once this bit of tooth structure is removed, it cannot be restored. Our dentist will then take an impression of the teeth, to be sent to a dental ceramist. They will manufacture the veneer.
  • The second visit will see patients return to the dentist to have their veneers fitted. This usually takes around a week or so. A bit more prep work is required before the veneer can be fittedveneers waterfall onto the tooth. The surface needs to be cleaned free of any bacteria. A dental cement mixture is applied to the veneer and it is then placed over the shaved part of the tooth. The cement will harden and bond the veneer and tooth together once a special light is shone onto the teeth. Once done, our dentist fitting the veneers in Waterfall will remove any excess cement material left behind and make some adjustments to the veneer if necessary. Guidelines are given for proper care of them.
  • A third visit is essential when patients receive their veneers in Waterfall at Family Dental Care. This is so that our dentist is able to evaluate the placing of the veneers and to examine for any unhealthy response from the gum area around the veneer. Maintaining a twice yearly dental check-up will allow our dentist in Waterfall to check on the veneers as well.


Maintenance of Veneers

veneers waterfallVeneers can last a good decade or 2, if cared for properly. After this time, they will be removed and new ones will be placed in. To keep the periods between replacements as wide as possible, keep a good oral hygiene practice of brushing, flossing and using a mouthwash every single day. This should not be that much of a change to a patient’s routine as it should already be a part of a daily routine. Clenching of the teeth is damaging to veneers and even though day time clenching can be reduced, at night this is a little more difficult. Our dentist who fits veneers in Waterfall does recommend bite guards to patients to use at night which will reduce the pressure on the teeth during sleep.


Good Candidates for Veneers

Veneers are ideal for those people who have a good tooth structure but would like to change some aspects of the front part of the tooth. Veneers can be placed over the surface of teeth to cover up a gap. They may be used to cover up broken or chipped teeth. They can be placed over crooked teeth, which will give a straighter appearance. Veneers will also cover up discoloured teeth. Age, or staining from highly pigmented foods can cause teeth to lose its naturally white colour, causing them to become duller. This can be instantly fixed with veneers.


The Benefits of Veneers

Patients receiving veneers at the Family Dental Care branch in Waterfall can be sure that they will be receiving only the porcelain material veneer. Although resin can be used, our dentists prefer porcelain for the following reasons

  • Porcelain is a natural material so it will likely not cause much interference against the gum. Seeing as they will be on the tooth for a long time, this is a big plus.
  • Porcelain does not easily stain.
  • Porcelain closely resembles tooth material so the veneer can easily be confused for being a person’s own tooth. It is their naturalness which makes veneers an ideal choice.
  • Porcelain can be made into any colour. If patients are happy with their current colouring, then it can be made to match this exact shade. Our dentists fitting veneers in Waterfall at Family Dental Care can also make the porcelain to be a few shades lighter than the current tooth colour. Porcelain does not stain so patients can have whiter front teeth for longer.