Walk-In Dentist

Looking for a walk-in dentist in Durban? Visit our  Family Dental Care Group


walk in dentistAt the Family Dental Care Group we understand that life happens – and that could mean:

  • searingly painful, unbearable toothache
  • sporting accidents over the weekend at odd hours
  • a dental emergency away from your routine care dentist while you’re on holiday
  • a last-minute scheduling conflict.

If you find yourself looking for a dentist in Durban without an appointment, please call us. Our highly trained reception staff and resource-rich offices are trained to work around emergencies as they arise, without compromising regular clients and existing appointments. As a walk-in dentist and appointment dental services provider, our staff is here to properly diagnose your dental issue no matter the circumstance, advise on options for treatment, handle any emergency quickly and expediently and with a compassionate delivery.

walk in dentistThe advantages of using a walk-in dentist in Durban allow you to take care of life, work and other critical appointments knowing dental work isn’t a stressor because it has to take place at a certain time without exceptions. Of course, appointments are preferable but we understand that this isn’t always possible. The reality of pressured work environments have in the past meant having to take leave simply so dental work could be done. Should you find a gap in your day though, know you can come to us as your dentist in Durban without an appointment.

Similarly, if you’re visiting our beautiful coastline on holiday, there’s no need to head back home simply because you have an emergency and can’t find a walk-in dentist in Durban – we are here tohelp!

At Family Dental Care, we are lucky to have an incredible family of clients. We also have an incredible and supportive family of highly skilled, versatile and compassionate staff. We are able to be a dentist in Durban without an appointment or ‘walk-in’ dentist thanks to:

  • Our staff support, who are at every link in the escalation and treatment chain understands and supports emergency, walk-in, operational and routine traffic management
  • our large infrastructure, and
  • sophisticated resource management mechanisms.

walk in dentistIf you’re coming in for an unscheduled check or emergency, please communicate this to us clearly. This will enable us to channel our walk-in dentist in Durban resources so we can slot you in as soon as is reasonably possible. Factors which influence scheduling are the severity of your discomfort levels and how busy the practice is that day. However, you will not be turned away and we almost always find that we are able to see you sooner rather than much later.

We’re well-equipped as emergency dentists

walk in dentist durbanWe are veterans as dealing with the full spectrum of emergency, routine and advanced dental care.

In the past, even as a walk-in dentist, we’ve successfully treated many dental emergencies, some of which would have resulted in disfiguring or painful consequences for patients had we not acted right away. Thanks to our constant investment in upgrading and housing the latest  technological equipment,  − such as 3D scanners and on-site X-Rays – initial and follow-up treatment times are greatly shortened. These investments in operational infrastructure we done precisely to trim down wait time, treatment time, and follow-up time frames.

Our priority, whether as a walk-in’ dentist or routine care dentist is always to:

  • stop any serious blood loss
  • save tissue and the teeth
  • provide safe, pain-relieving drugs.


Here’s when you may need a walk-in dentist

  • No one likes mouth issues but some are worse than others. See us a walk-in dentist in Durban right away if:walk in dentist durban
  • Your tooth bleeding continues unabated.
  • You’re showing signs of unusual swelling that’s also painful
  • You have a seriously painful toothache that is not getting relief from painkillers.
  • You’ve lost a tooth, or had it knocked out.
  •  Remember that anything in the mouth left untreated for too long can evolve into an emergency later on.


Routine check-ups stop many would-be emergencies in their tracks

A general rule of thumb is to come in twice a year. At minimum you should see a dentist every 18 months, even if you have healthy teeth. Anything less than this, and you are putting your oral health at risk.

Swollen lymph nodes can also indicate the presence of certain cancers. Misbehaving lymph nodes could also point to a thyroid that’s malfunctioning. The lymph node check involves a physical check under lights, but we could do X-Ray scans if we detect something strange. We never proceed unilaterally and always consult out patients first.

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