What to do when you have a dental emergency and seeing a dentist is hours away?

When you experience a dental emergency your first thought may be to make your way to your local Durban dentist as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many of these dental emergencies take place at arbitrary times in unexpected places, often making getting to the dentist near you a difficult task. Luckily, there are tips and measures that you can put in place to take the best possible care of your case until it is possible for you to see the dentist.

Although all dental emergencies require different treatments methods one common aspect to most dental emergencies would be the pain factor or toothache. Therefore, we recommend that to take care of pain you may have that you consult a pharmacist to find medication suitable for you.

There are various dental emergencies that can occur but below are some tips and tricks on how to care for the most common ones.

Cavity– When having trouble with a cavity you can reduce swelling and sooth your cavity by applying ice to the affected area. Another tip is to massage and floss the affected area to remove potential irritants; you can also rinse your mouth with a salt solution to eliminate toxins.

Broken Tooth-Use a warm salt solution to rinse your mouth and get to your dentist as soon as possible. Any bleeding can be stopped by placing gentle pressure on the bleeding gum. Remember to keep the broken tooth in milk or salt water to ensure the tooth stays moist to take along to the dentist. Placing a cold pack on the affected area can assist with pain and swelling.

Tooth Knocked Out-Be sure to keep your tooth moist by keeping the tooth in milk or a salt-water solution. Keeping the tooth moist allows for a greater chance to have the tooth re-implanted, saving the tooth. To help with the bleeding or to sooth the gum it’s recommended that the patient bite down on a moistened tea bag.

Crown or Denture Falling out– Make use of some denture adhesive or petroleum jelly to keep the crown or denture in place until you are able to reach the dentist. It is recommended not to chew on the side of the loose denture or crown.

Bitten Tongue or Lip– We recommend the patient apply a cold pack or adhesive with gentle pressure on the affected area to help slow down bleeding or until you can seek medical attention.

Object Caught between Teeth– Attempt to remove the troubling object caught between teeth try using dental floss. If the object is still stuck rinse your mouth with salt water to disinfect and wait to see your dentist.

Although emergencies are common phenomena you can have your emergency dealt with by a quick visit to the dentist. The good news is that Family Dental Care has a practice in Durban North which caters for dental emergencies as they are open 7 days a week! Family Dental Care Durban North is not only able to help you with dental emergencies but also kid friendly!

Be sure to contact Family Dental Care for any dental trouble on 082 218 9222 or visit our website www.familydentalcare.co.za.

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