Wisdom tooth removal recovery

Wisdom teeth removal is very common amongst people between the ages of 17 and 21 but may also be applicable to others older than 21.

What are wisdom teeth and why should they be removed?

Wisdom teeth are the very last adult teeth to surface in your mouth on both sides of your top and bottom jaws. As a result of most jaws not being able to accommodate these additional back molars, it causes the effect of the other teeth to begin to shift, causing excruciating pain.

This is when your Durban or Cape Town dentist at Family Dental Care will recommend you remove them through a minor surgery.

Recovery after surgery

Wisdom tooth removal varies between patients as well as dependent on whether the wisdom teeth were impacted or not. If the wisdom teeth are impacted – they have not pushed through the gum yet – recovery tends to be longer.

Usually, the recovery period is one week or less.

Recovery periods further depend on your oral hygiene when you get back home, ensuring the prevention of infections and complications.

Tips for a speedy recovery

1.Be conscious about what you eat

After surgery it is advised to consume liquids and to avoid solid foods to avoid loosening stitches and to prevent infections. Stay away from spicy or hot foods.

2.Rest as much as you can

It is important to rest to allow your body to conduct the process of healing itself. Rest with your head elevated with pillows and do not exercise for at least one day after surgery.

3.Occasionally open your mouth

After surgery your mouth and jaw will feel stiff and you will want to refrain from opening your mouth – try your best to open your mouth occasionally to alleviate the stiffness and to prevent permanent stiffness. Do this slowly and gently during your recovery process.

4.Rinse your mouth with salt water

Create a mouth rinse at home using hot water and salt to prevent infection and to reduce swelling and pain. When rinsing do not spit the water out, simply let the water fall out of your mouth.

The good news is that Family Dental Care offers wisdom tooth removal which is conducted in the most professional and careful manner. We strive to conduct dental procedures in the most holistic and pain-free manner with a fast recovery period.

If you think you need your wisdom teeth removed, visit one of our practices in Durban or Cape Town – to receive the best dental treatments yet!

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