• Only accepted on treatment amounting to R3500 and more
  • Subject to pre-approval
  • Not accepted on discounted treatments

What is ZeroPay?

Visit us now and pay for it later in 3 x Zero fees, Zero interest payments with ZeroPay!

How it works?

Apply for ZeroPay by following the quick and easy steps.

Approval takes about 1 minute. No documents are required. Pay your 1st payment. Get your order right away.

Complete the simple online application on the ZeroPay website: www.zeropay.co.za/apply


Payments work as follows:

  • 1st Payment : Immediately
  • 2nd Payment : End of the month
  • 3rd Payment : End of the next month.

If you spend after the 15th of the month, the 2nd instalment will be scheduled at the end of the next month to give you some extra time to pay!

For more information, contact 087 2100 336 or [email protected]


Complete the simple online application on the ZeroPay website: www.zeropay.co.za/apply

You need to be between the ages of 18 and 65, have a valid SA ID number and be a responsible credit user (we check your credit record).

If you qualify, your approval is instant as soon as the application has been completed! We recommend that you do the application before you come for your appointment, just to ensure you’re ready to go.

You will be approved for a spend limit based on your credit profile and you will be able to spend once if you’re a first timer. This spend limit is customised to each customer and is based on a few factors, including your payment behaviour.

The amount you spend is simply split in 3, no extra fees, and the 1st payment is required immediately. Thereafter, the last two payments will be taken at the end of the following two months. If you spend below your spend limit, you will pay 3 x equal payments.

If you spend above your spend limit, your approved spend limit is split in 3 x payments and the excess amount is paid with the 1st instalment.

Yes – it’s in our name! You will pay Zero fees and Zero interest (if you pay on time).

The practice will process the transaction on your account.

You will load your chosen card details onto your ZeroPay account – Debit, Cheque or Credit card (all Visa and Mastercard’s accepted).

Once your order has been cancelled, the practice will request for the amount to be reversed on ZeroPay after which ZeroPay will refund you directly into your back account. Don’t stress, this can take some time, but we will work to get it back to you soonest!