Zoom Teeth Whitening in Ballito

Zoom Teeth Whitening in BallitoSay hello to your sensational smile

Need whiter teeth? A boost to your confidence? Here at the Family Dental Care Group, we have the latest techniques to improve your teeth whiteness by up to eight shades in under one hour.

So, if you happen to be looking for zoom teeth whitening in Ballito, we are more than happy to be of service. Speak to us or come in for a quote – our highly skilled dentists will tell you exactly what the procedure will involve for you specifically, as no two patients are the same.

While you will see a radical brightening after one procedure, we recommend two. This is so as to keep your pain and discomfort levels to an absolute minimum. You may opt for a zoom teeth whitening procedure elsewhere in Ballito, but if you want a tailored approach that’s just right for your mouth conditions to ensure long lasting effects, speak to us first.

Zoom Teeth Whitening in BallitoWhat is zoom teeth whitening?

Zoom teeth whitening is an in-patient procedure that has your teeth looking several shades lighter in only one hour. The healthier and less sensitive your teeth, the better, although no one is excluded from this procedure. If you reside in or around Ballito and you come to us for your zoom teeth whitening procedure, we’ll first assess how many applications we can go through in one hour so we don’t cause you unnecessary discomfort. Most patients who come to us for their zoom teeth whitening procedure in Ballito don’t feel any pain as we take the utmost care to assess how far we can go in the 60-minute process.

Prior care

The first thing we recommend when you make your appointment for zoom teeth whitening with our Family Dental Care Group in Ballito, is that you come in for a routine cleaning first. The should preferably be done two weeks before your zoom appointment. This pre-clean is optimal so that the worst of any stains, plaque and tartar have already been removed by the time we see you. This will enhance the degree of whiteness achieved.

Zoom Teeth Whitening in BallitoIt is possible that when you come in to enquire about zoom teeth whitening with our Family Dental Care Group in Ballito and we assess you as a candidate for zoom, that you may not qualify. This would be when your enamel is already brittle, for example. We have an ethical duty to assess and truthfully communicate the risks involved with any procedure at our clinics. While it is highly unlikely that we will refuse any one an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a zoom procedure, we have to mention that a minimal possibility exists, based on extremely rare medical grounds.

Part of our service naturally to you as your zoom teeth whitening specialists in Ballito is to take you through before and after care, as well as to brief you on the actual procedure. We’ll issue you with prescription directions and a toothpaste product for strengthening your teeth before the day of your appointment. For the first 48 hours afterwards, you should refrain from drinking and consuming foods with colour in them, for example, fizzy drinks, coffee and energy drinks. Rehydrate with water as much as possible. It’s therefore a good idea to have something to eat before your procedure, so that you can go without eating immediately afterwards. It might also not be a bad idea to take a painkiller before your procedure, although the majority of patients do not experience pain.

Actual procedure

We’ll then position your mouth so that we can clearly see and work on all your teeth and the surrounding gum. As your lips are bound to dry out due to your mouth being open for a long period, we recommend that you apply a vitamin-E based jelly, oil or lipbalm on your lips before the time.

Zoom Teeth Whitening in BallitoThe next step for zoom teeth whitening with our Family Dental Care Group in Ballito involves applying a protector to your gums. Then, we’ll apply the whitening gel to your teeth. The gel is activated by a light. This means that we’ll shine a special light over your teeth and stay with you as things take effect. It is important that you communicate honestly with us at this stage as to whether you start to feel any sensitivity, stinging or zinging sensations. Not being honest can result in pain after we discharge you, and our goal at all times during your zoom teeth whitening procedure with our Family Dental Care Group in Ballito is to mitigate against pain, harm and discomfort.

Depending on our dentist’s assessment of you at this stage, we may apply another round of gel and have you under lights for a second session. As your mouth will be sensitive at this stage, we’ll rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Post-procedure guidelines

The last stage of your zoom teeth whitening procedure with our Family Dental Care Group in Ballito is to make sure you are fine, and send you home with a post-procedure gel to aid with any sensitivity. Make sure to follow our dentist’s instructions to the letter and to follow the food and drink consumption guidelines. These are critical in the 48 hours after your procedure.

Now go home after having done your zoom teeth whitening procedure with us in Ballito knowing that your smile is not only whiter, but brighter, too. Your smile is a big part of your window to the world and how often you use it can be the difference between being a smooth social star or good communicator, and someone who is not noticed, and regarded without influence. This is because almost every aspect of social interaction hinges on confidence. Your winning smile is just what you need to send your confidence – and social and work credentials – skyrocketing. We hope to see you soon for your zoom teeth whitening procedure with us in Ballito!